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Large hanging lamp produced by Van Haute Belgium 1960.

The lamp has a metal cover with narrow oval perforations.

The cover cylinder and the ceiling cap are also made of metal in the same color as the rest of the lamp. The color of the lamp is a very faint light green-grey.

The complete suspension system is present and the lamp is equipped with a round fluorescent tube of 40 Watt and diameter 33 cm.

The fluorescent tube is working and will be included by delivery.

The lamp is in generally good condition, only there is a small dent in the cover, which is not visible when the lamp is hanging on the ceiling.

The dimensions: diameter 52 cm and total height 64 cm.

Price 260 Euro

It is necessary that we calculate the shipping price individually, the order is not final as long you do not agree with the shipping costs.

In-store pickup is also possible in our stockroom in Herentals Belgium

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