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Standing coat rack in chromed metal produced at Tubax Belgium in the 60s. The coat rack has a gray, heavy metal base and a chrome-plated V-shaped frame that comes together in a ring at the top with a total of 12 movable plastic hooks and 3 extra suspension points at the corners. 

All tubes are fitted with plastic caps. The coatrack in in a good condition.

This is an elegant, yet very stable coat rack.
The dimensions: length 180 cm, width 60 cm.


Tubax grew out of the company of Chretien Vits who in 1914, due to the 1st World War, did not find any spare parts for the repair of agricultural vehicles and thus founded his own workshop in Vilvoorde. In 1925 his son Jan Vits joined the company and concentrated on steel furniture. He worked for clients such as Thonet and architect Gaston Eysselinck. In 1948, under the leadership  of Jan Vits, the company Tubax NV was created. After World War II, Tubax became the main producer of metal furniture in Belgium. The 60s were the most productive   and it was during that period that the popular designs of Willy Van Der Meeren were produced.

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Tubax coatrack detail 1.JPG
Tubax coatrack detail 2.JPG
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