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Lamp base: bordeaux ceramic 1970s
Lamp shade: natural linen with burgundy and beige velvet motif
H: 52 cm
Ø: 25 cm
Price: SOLD
Ref: 2106011
All lampshades are made by Studio Vintageched
The fabrics are selected with the greatest care from a limited stock of vintage and newer designer fabrics and coordinated with the period when the lamp base was designed.
It is possible to have a lampshade made to measure in the fabric and size of your preference. 
Please note that the stock of vintage fabrics is not infinite, the fabric may be out of stock.
You can request a free quote via the contact page, we will be happy to help you. You may use the reference number that accompanies the lamp to describe the fabric.
Lamp base: Pottery, Massive Belgium 1960s
Lamp shade: vintage fabric, space age
H: 62 cm
Ø: 22 cm
Price: 320 euro
Ref: 2104006
Lamp base: Vintage French glazed ceramic
Lamp shade: vintage cotton fabric
H: 63 cm
Ø: 22 cm
Price: 320 euro
Ref: 2104007
Lamp base: Ceramic, Italy 1960s
Lamp shade: tangerine silk
H: 66 cm
Ø: 38 cm
Price: 620 euro
Ref: 2104003
Lamp base: gold-plated metal, Belgium 1970s
Lamp shade: linen gold, beige
H: 46 cm
Ø: 22.5 cm
Price: SOLD
Ref: 2202003
Lamp base: Kostka France, creamy ceramic
Lamp shade: vintage linen fabric
H: 56 cm
Ø: 32 cm
Price: 520 euro
Ref: 2104008
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